Office for mac 2011 reviews

Review: Microsoft's Office 2011 for Mac

The contextual Ribbon toolbar takes its bow on the Mac. As we noted in our Excel review, you can disable it if you're not a fan, although this does hide away many options.

Office 2016 for Mac gets first public preview

You get a regular toolbar above the Ribbon, which you can customise in the different apps. Doing so in Outlook was a Mac-like case of drag and drop, whereas in Word, there was a more complex dialog. Ultimately, though, you can't get by on the old-style toolbars alone — the range of options just isn't there.

Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 Review

There are still some annoying little characteristics that will grate over time — such as when you click Cancel to get rid of the Document Gallery, it still opens a fresh document in that app. But don't let these things put you off, because this is a vast improvement over what came before at a more competitive price.

Standardized look and feel

Microsoft has released many excellent pieces of software in the last few years, but Office for Mac is not one of them. Admittedly, it's better. Office for Mac proves itself every bit a worthy Mac-based counterpart to Office

There are two flavours of Office , one with Outlook and the other without. Similarly, if you run a small business and are keen to keep costs down, you can use the applications that come with your Mac anyway, such as Mail and iCal. If you run Exchange servers, these apps will talk to them, and they enable you to manage centralised or shared calendars, so you'll be able to get by without spending the extra.

Where Outlook will be of interest is for power users who need to manage their own and other people's mail, contacts and calendars via an Exchange server. Yes, you can do this with Mail et al. The various ribbons available by default are:.

However, the user interface itself is not the only upgrade. What Microsoft has done is completely streamlined the word experience on Mac.

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Whereas the previous versions were often considered just a way of offering something similar to the Windows counterpart of Word to Mac users. This is not the case, the new features for example have a greater variety of templates, enhanced SmartArt and themes, easier means of adding charts, graphs and the most pleasant enhancement, increased speed.

Every user of Word , frequent or non-frequent, will be able to confirm that in terms of speed, the application was not impressive. Word made a big impact on the RAM available on the Mac it ran on.

Outlook 2011

With Word , Microsoft vowed to improve this. These test results, done directly after a reboot with no other apps open illustrate the progress made.

The above findings clearly show that progress has been made in terms of speed. While there are other factors that determine the speed during usage, such as scrolling speed, speed of saving a document, speed of adding pictures, etc, these tests show that the very first version of Word is faster than a fully upgraded version of Word As Microsoft will surely keep updating its latest version of Word, speed will definitely not suffer.

Office 2011 for Mac: Microsoft Word for Mac 2011 Reviewed

Word is everything people were hoping for with the version. Microsoft completely separated its Mac division from its Windows counterpart, the Mac version of word and office for that matter was built with a different philosophy in mind entirely. The application should have a native Mac feel to it, which made it considerably different from Word for Windows.

These times are now over, as Word compares fully with the Windows equivalent. The times where documents had to be edited every time between the Windows and Mac versions of Word are now over, as a document will look exactly the same in either version. This is good news for many who require cooperation of both Windows and Mac owners. Talking of cooperation, Word comes with the same features in this aspect as Word for Windows This includes support for Microsoft SharePoint, SkyDrive and the ability to collaborate on the same document in real time.

A long overdue update, but it's still not quite at the same level as the Windows version.

Users of Word are even able to communicate with Word users while simultaneously editing a document. Furthermore, Word , like , supports Word Web App, which enables online document editing.