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Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac review: Ribbon revamp brings UI into line

On the plus side, there's a new Styles pane that lets you apply pre-set styles to text and paragraphs. It's easy to overlook, because it's available only on the Home tab. To use it, go to the Home tab and click the Styles Pane icon on the upper right of the screen -- and the pane appears. Click the icon again to make it go away.

Word also adds another useful new pane, the Navigation pane, which lets you navigate through a document via search results, headings and page thumbnails. You can also navigate by the kinds of changes you've made to the document, such as comments and formatting. One of the most welcome additions to Excel is that it now recognizes most Windows keyboard shortcuts. But don't worry -- there's no need to abandon the old Mac Excel shortcuts, because it recognizes them as well.

Office 2016 for Mac

Being a long-time Windows Excel user, I found this saved me a great deal of time on the Mac. It was like coming home. Spreadsheet jockeys will be pleased that Excel has been powered with many of the features from the Windows version, such as adding slicers to pivot tables. With slicers, you create buttons that make it easy to filter data in a pivot table report, with no need to resort to drop-down lists. A number of new statistical functions have also been added, such as moving averages and exponential smoothing.

Less importantly, when you click on a cell, your cursor essentially glides over to it in an animated way, like it does on the Windows version of Excel. Will this change your life?

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Office for Mac proves itself every bit a worthy Mac-based counterpart to Microsoft Office for Mac OS Home & Business ⭐ (Digital. Microsoft's latest Office for Mac productivity suite, which goes on sale tomorrow, promises to deliver better compatibility with the.

Far from it. But I found it just the slightest bit entertaining, and I, for one, can use all the entertainment I can get when I'm using a spreadsheet. Not everything is rosy in this new version of Excel, though. You can't build pivot charts in Excel, which is unfortunate, because they're a great way to present complex information at a glance, and are useful when creating dashboards meant to display a great deal of data at once.

Enterprise-level tools

PowerPoint has gotten the same kind of collaboration features as Word and suffers from the same limitation it's not true real-time collaboration because changes don't show up until the person you're collaborating with saves them. On the plus side, I found the new Presenter view an excellent addition.

With it, while you're projecting a presentation, your audience will see the current slide, while you'll also see your notes, the next slide and a timer. That makes it easy to read from your notes and know what's coming next when giving your presentation. A new animations pane is useful for creating and previewing animations in your presentations. I found it exceptionally useful because it let me control pretty much everything about animations in slides, including customizing the duration of the animation, whether to play sound along with it, and a number of effects options.

And it's also great for adding multiple animations to a slide, because you can use the pane to easily change the order of the animations, delete animations and add news ones. As with the other applications in Office , Outlook has gotten a visual makeover to make it look and work more like its Windows counterpart.

Clutter has been reduced, although it still relies on a menu above the ribbon for many tasks.

MS Office 2011 or 2016?

Outlook has a new look, but more important may be performance enhancements under the hood. Unread messages now are denoted by a blue vertical bar rather than by bold text, making them stand out much more. As a result, I found it much easier to scan unread mail in my inbox. Links to your calendar, notes, contacts and tasks are no longer buried underneath the mailboxes on the left-hand pane, but instead appear in big type at the very bottom of the screen.

They're now impossible to miss. Performance has been considerably improved. Messages appear instantly, search is quick and I experienced no lags or delays. Microsoft says that's because it's switched from its previous proprietary database to SQLite. The company also says this makes Outlook's database not just faster, but less liable to crashes and corruptions.

You receive messages faster on an Exchange account not just because of the new database, but because in the old Outlook for the Mac, Exchange Web Services polled the mail server for new messages approximately only once a minute. Outlook has done away with that delay -- it now polls continually. That's not to say all is well with this new version of Outlook.

You can't export mail, tasks, contacts, notes, and calendars directly from Outlook. Because there's no support for CalDAV or CardDav, you can't sync your contacts or calendars with other programs and platforms, including Outlook. And because Outlook supports Apple's sandbox, you can't run local anti-spam products in Outlook with Exchange. Instead, you have to use an Exchange server-based anti-spam product from Microsoft. There are currently two versions of Office for Mac available, both as part of the subscription-based Office line. There are also several business and enterprise plans available.

Aside from that, though, the suites will be identical. With this version of Office, the Mac is no longer the poor stepchild in the Office world. All versions of Office, whether on a Windows PC or a Mac, look and work alike, and also resemble the Office you experience on the Web and on tablets. This is good news for Mac users, because the new interface and features, as well as the improved performance of Outlook, make it a considerably better suite. And it should also mean that Office on the Mac will no longer trail behind its Windows counterpart, and will be updated on a similar schedule.

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Jan 6, 6 2 Holland, MI. Interested in hearing folks opinions on these 2 versions of MS Office. I've read a lot of negative reviews on the new version. It seems like going with would be the safe bet. But, I don't want to buy out of date software either.

DeltaMac macrumors G3. Jul 30, 9, 2, Delaware. The other question is: Do you really need MS Office? Related to that: Can you use an office-like software, such as LibreOffice? You would quickly notice one advantage with LibreOffice It's free! Some folks use that, and can do everything that might usually need MS Office.

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It creates the latest MS formats ie. If your version of Office is legal, you may have a license for two machines. For example, the Publishing Layout option in Word that made Word act more like a page-layout app rather than a word processor is gone, as is the ability to rearrange the tab order on the Ribbon. Under the hood, the whole suite has been rewritten with up-to-date code, and it runs only on the most recent versions of OS X, specifically Yosemite and El Capitan. That's because all of the suite's essential features work as they always did, though with added options and conveniences.

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I use Delta, thanks for the feedback. I will check out LibreOffice. I don't use Word and Excel a ton on my personal machine, but enough that I need something. Free might be a good choice. Apr 15, 1, 1, Melbourne, Australia.

MS Office 2011 for MAC

Is it possible to purchase Word individually? Sep 14, 4, 5, Australia. I just don't get how it could possibly take as long as it does to start up.