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Best to-do list apps of 12222 for managing tasks for the Mac
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This Apple-only productivity manager is built for people who like to seriously organise themselves. It's based on the Getting Things Done time management method and has options for seemingly every possibility. Omnifocus has folders, subfolders, projects, contexts, flags, reviews, forecasts and much more.

Get Todoist on all your devices.

Tackle all of your projects with these to-do apps for Mac and iOS. Wunderlist is a beautifully designed to-do list app for your Mac, that makes it easy Wunderlist for Mac's easy to set reminders make sure you remember every.

Custom views can show only the next task in each product to help you keep focus. For some people, there may be too many options. A Pro version lets you run AppleScripts to add automation and offers more extra features. This German-created app is on its last legs. After Microsoft purchased the startup that created it in , the tech giant committed to closing Wunderlist.

Microsoft is replacing it with a Wunderlist clone called To-Do but so far it hasn't managed to replicate its success. Wunderlist is still one of the best options out there at the moment. It's free, easy to use, syncs incredibly quickly, has options for due dates, sub-tasks, attachments and much more.

Most importantly, it's available across all devices. The big caveat is that we don't know when Microsoft will pull the curtains on the service for good. The chances that you own either an iPhone or Android device are pretty high. If you're looking for a barebones to-do list tool that's built specifically for your phone then both Apple and Android-based phones have their own offerings.

Both are straightforward and don't come with any thrills. On iOS and Macs, Reminders is a checklist based tool that lets you have multiple lists and items contained within each. You can also set when and where you want to be reminded, add notes and due times. Whereas on Android, Google has recently released Tasks , a new app that's fairly similar to Reminders. There aren't any advanced features but Google's version works with Gmail and its other apps.

By Jeremy White. By Bonnie Christian.

The Mac Apps You Should Download

By Victoria Turk. The best office desk gear for boosting your productivity. Some tasks are associated with a date — most often a deadline, like a homework assignment. Some tasks are recurring and need to be done on a certain day each week, month or year, for example, putting the garbage out.

The 40 Best To-Do List Apps in 2018

Others allow you to share lists and delegate tasks with others. Which do you need? I find myself checking my to-do list on my phone and iPad more than my computer. I often review my tasks on the go and add new tasks as soon as I think of them. Mobile apps are helpful and should sync quickly and reliably with your Mac. The best to do list apps are not cheap, and in my opinion, that cost is justified. Cultured Code Things is a sleek, modern task manager, and has recently been rebuilt from the ground up.

Plus much more!

Tasks are logically organized by area of responsibility, project, and tag, and can be viewed in a number of ways — tasks to do today or in the near future, tasks that can be done at any time, and tasks you may get around to someday. Also available for iOS. Meet the all-new Things! A complete rethinking of the original, award-winning task manager — with a perfect balance between simplicity and power, incredible new features, delightful interactions, and a timeless new design.

It suits me well. Above is a screenshot of the tutorial project. The left pane contains a list of your areas of responsibility and projects, and above them, some shortcuts for smart folders that give you useful overviews of your tasks. Areas of responsibility are the categories that sum up your major roles and interests. You add tasks under each of these areas, or you can add projects for jobs that require multiple tasks. The smart folders at the top list tasks according to the level of commitment you have toward them:. Other folders include the Inbox where you can rapidly enter new tasks, the Logbook which contains all of your done tasks, and the Trash.

Things offers two additional methods of organization. The first is headings.

Best to-do list apps of for managing tasks for the Mac - CNET

A big project can become cumbersome, and headings allow you to split it into smaller sections. Things also allows you to categorize your tasks by tags. One task can be assigned multiple tags, and these can be used for a variety of our purposes. Here are some examples:. Once you have set up some tags, you can filter any list to show just the items tagged a certain way. There are mobile versions of the app for iPhone and iPad, and sync is reliable. I find it worth every cent.

You can read more from my full Things app review. Unique features like outlines and perspectives allow you to optimize your workflow, and the review feature allows you to periodically check up on your projects. If you put a high value on productivity, you might find that a bargain. Live a productive, contextual life with OmniFocus 2 for Mac. Keep work and play separated with contexts, perspectives, and focus.

Ignore the irrelevant, focus on what you can do now, and accomplish more. And do it all much faster than before. OmniFocus can do everything Things can do, and more. So it will cost you more and require more effort to set up. You can view your OmniFocus tasks by project or by context.

Project View allows you to organize what you need to do in detail.

Projects can be parallel or sequential. A parallel project has tasks that can be completed in any order, where the tasks of a sequential project must be done in the sequence they are listed. You can use the outline feature to create a hierarchy of subtasks. I love the idea, but find the interface a little fiddly, and wish it worked more like OmniOutliner. Context View is often the best way to work on your tasks. All relevant tasks from across your projects will be there. However, while Things allows you to apply an unlimited number of tags, each OmniFocus task can be associated with one and only one context.


Regular reviews are important. In OmniFocus, you can define how often each project should be reviewed. The Review view shows you all projects that are due. But the real power of OmniFocus Pro is its Perspectives , where you can create as many custom views as you need.

This feature is only in the Pro version and really allows you to personalize the app. Wunderlist is an attractive, multi-platform task app that is now completely free.