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How do I make a screenshot in Windows with a Mac keyboard?

Although there Is a 'Print Screen' key on the keyboard not always marked as such , it's the F13 Key, the usual Screen Snapshot combination is option the key with the apple symbol or four-looped symbol together with the Shift key and the 3 key simultaneously. That is, unless you have preprogrammed your Function keys at the top.

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Also check that your keyboard is appropriate to the Country of origin. I had a similar problem using a windows keyboard on my Mac! Good Luck! This does not answer the original question. The questioner has a PC. And has a Mac keyboard plugged into it. The Mac keyboard does not have a Print Screen key. It has an Alt key and an F13 key, which would be the equivalent of how you'd do this with a PC keyboard. But that doesn't seem to work for me either. This should also work with XP. I have a PC who's running windows vista 64 bit with the mac keyboard and the print screen function F13 is actually working.

Hoping that help somebody I am new to the "Mac World" and still not very happy about it. My keyboard gets to F12 no F13, no F I use Windows XP, and I really need to be able to use prntscrn on the windows side. I tried to find other ways Please Help! I appreciate very much any response. Thanks mrmacfixit. I tried that and it does solve the problem on the Mac desktop I work a lot on Excel on windows, and I need to be able to copy images from online and just paste them on the Excel page I have open. It was very easy when I was using PC - now it is complicated to do.

How to Print Screen Windows on Mac with Boot Camp

I have same problem now 4 years later from your original post and i solve the problem like this. On your PC, copy the following lines into a text file.

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Although there Is a 'Print Screen' key on the keyboard (not always marked as such), it's the F13 Key, the usual Screen Snapshot combination is option(the key . Specifically, on Windows compatible keyboards, you will notice Print Screen is an actual button. On the Mac keyboards no button is assigned or.

Rename the text file remap. Double click on the file remap. I have the following which work and are recognized by a PC Though Claudiu's remap. Thanks and Mahalos! Johnathan Several of these posts talk about using FF15 keys on a Mac. Am I the only person on the planet that has this version of Mac laptops or what??!

This is crazy -- and not at all helpful to me in solving the problem.

The 6 Best Shortcuts to Take Screenshots on a Mac

It is found in the Accessories folder. If you don't see it there in Vista, you may need to turn on the Tablet PC options. Why this useful screen capture program is tied into Tablet PC options is unclear to me. The Snipping Tool does screen capture of selected areas, the active window, and the entire desktop.

How to take a screenshot on a PC

Hope this helps! Thanks for all your suggestions. Thank You. Thanks, "cfagan"!

Screenshot – Screen Capture – Print Screen in Windows on Mac

Just what I was looking for, with no extra screen clutter or need for the mouse. With On-Screen Keyboard, I have to keep the top row of keys with "PrtScn" visible, then have to click it with the mouse and include it in the screen shot. Use the F14 key on the Mac keyboard. I have an iMac running bootcamp and Windows XP. Using a Mac keyboard, I have found that hitting F14 will capture an entire screen. It works just like the print screen button on a PC keyboard. Someone said that the F13 key does this, but it does not. Use the F14 key. What would [almost certainly] work with the right settings: editing the keymap in remap.

I tried to screen shot an excel sheet and it just doesn't pick up anything. Thought I forgot the key stroke. Drove me crazy for about 5 minutes but then I tried just capturing the desktop and that worked find. Tried capturing half a dozen other things and it worked just fine but it won't capture anything when excel is in the picture. When you're ready to take a screenshot, click the Grab icon to bring it to the forefront. Window — When you select this, Grab prepares a "choose window" button you can use when you have the window ready to capture.


Click that button, then immediately click anywhere inside the window you want to capture. Even if the window is partially hidden by other windows, Grab will capture it as if it was the top window. However, any portion of the window that's off-screen probably won't be in the shot. Timed Screen — This lets you stage something on your screen that only appears when you have your mouse in a certain position, such as a drop-down menu or mouse-over text tips. The timer is about 10 seconds long, and Grab plays a beep with one second remaining.

How to take a screenshot on a Mac

The shortcuts for screen capturing may not work for a few reasons. If you're trying to take a screenshot, you can do it programmatically. Now click on the app window that you want to catch in the screen print. More often than not, when people need to take a screenshot, it is usually quite urgent, so we are going to introduce several methods to print screen Mac keyboard that are really straightforward even for newbies with no tech knowledge. This can be moved or resized as necessary. Method 3. You will find the options in the method are similar to that in Method 2, but actually they differ in Step 3 and Step 4.

After you capture a new image, Grab opens that image in a new window rather than saving it to a permanent file. Unlike an image editor, this window, called the Inspector, is only for previewing the image so that you can decide whether or not you want to keep it. Since the Inspector's contents are the same as part of your screen, keep a sharp look out for the edges of the Inspector so your eyes don't mistake them for your main screen.

If you need to redo an image, just close the Inspector with that image in it and click "don't save" when prompted. If you want to keep it, use one of the save options under the "file" menu as you would in other apps. Grab saves files in the TIFF file format only. Preview is the default app for opening images, so you can open Preview just by double-clicking the image you want to convert. With the image open in Preview, select "save as" from the "file" menu, and then use the "format" drop-down menu in the save dialog to choose which format you want to convert to.

We just looked at two options for capturing images on your Mac screen. Capture more on taking screenshots on a Mac by checking out the links that follow. How to Uninstall on a Mac. Do Mac laptops get hotter than PC laptops? The Mac keyboard has no "print screen" button, but it's still easy to get the screenshots you need. Preview, Mac's default app for opening images, gives you the option of saving files in various image formats.

How to Uninstall on a Mac Why are there so many different image formats on the Web? How do you upload photos to a computer?

Adobe Developers Association. June 3, Related Articles How to Uninstall on a Mac.

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