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Harkening back to the days when soundtracks would overshadow the terrible films they were written for! Wait, they actually made that movie? And Timmy is trapped in a well? The movie begins by introducing us to the narrator of this piece. He will be coming in and out of the film at regular intervals to guide us through the complex range of emotions we will surely feel while watching this film. After giving us this warning and inviting us to join him in the inaugural smoke , he starts the movie that we all came here to see.

Now as terrible as the opening was, the beginning of the movie proper is actually coming off as decent. The soundtrack is naturally good considering the whole point of this movie was to sell it, and the director does a great job of setting up this world in a very short amount of time. Oh, I get it!


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No, not really. Snoop Lion? DJ Snoopadelic?

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Wait, Cordozar! Is that it!? Oh, and did you know Andy Milinokus is in this film? Wait, do any of you even remember who that is? Oh wait, the asshole assistant principal acts super prissy.

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This of ALL movie should appreciate the hard work it is to grow plants!! What the hell else was he doing!? Remember what I said about low hanging fruit? Forget about that.

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Fuck all that. One of the earliest public controversies it was involved with was the Mortara Affair , the subject of twenty editorials in the Times alone; the main office of The New York Times was attacked during the New York City Draft Riots. Sunday 8 September Yo, that dude is crazy. I got an addiction.

Mac and disposable hot female get caught by the blustery Assistant Principal, but we cut back to Devin before we find out what their punishment is. Anything else though is well beyond the skills of this young rapper. After his fruitless attempts to hammer out an acceptable speech, he goes outside and meets up with his girlfriend. Primary function executed. While this seems to be a VERY sensible thing to do, Mac is saved when the actual principal of this school comes in and lets him off the hook. She turns out to be a substitute teacher yeah right who gets the attention of Mac and everyone else in the school.

Cuz you look Yeah, she looks younger the Wiz and about half as smart. So now we finally have our plot for this movie.

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After school, Devin goes straight to the library and waits for Mac to show up so they can get started on the project. Mac rolls in some time later and seduces the librarian into letting him smoke pot in the library. The snack cake is filled with pot, so Devin starts tripping pretty quickly. Then the movie stops dead in its tracks to give us a music video. Are you at all surprised?


The song is pretty good and the video is… well the song is good at least. That makes it cool!

Mac - Devin Go to High School (Español Latino)

The music video just kind of ends and we find Mac and Devin at a food truck trying to quell the rumblies in their tumblies. This is where we get into the biggest problem of the movie, which is that it decides to meander for the next half hour. The entire second act just drops the plot and instead follows Mac and Devin while they NOT do their science project.

After smoking more weed and eventually passing out, the two of them wake up the next day and head to school. Devin is still trying to think of a valedictorian speech which is still not going well. He finds Knees Down in the bathroom and decides to hang out with him which we can tell is something he would normally never do. I actually like this scene because it shows some positive growth for Devin. Andy Milinokus getting busy. Also, it really defeats the purpose of this kind of movie if only ONE of the flawed main characters learns from the other. Let me grab my violin real quick and knock out a sad tune.

They have a hilarious montage of bullshit science where they try to make bubbling blue liquid power a lightbulb. I am your friendly neighborhood weed plant, Captain Kush. That's right. And on today's Volume One of the Captain Kushhopedia, we will be discussing two different strains of marijuana.

Baby Boy - O Rei da Rua (LEG)

Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. Keep it locked. Press pause and I'm whoopin' your ass. Ah, shit, what time is it? Shit, I don't know. I forgot my books at school. I usually start my late night study session right about now. I usually start my late night bong session right now. Pull that out, hit that shit. A very popular strain of the indica plant is known as kush, from the Hindu Kush Mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Mac And Devin Go To High School (2012) R1

Otherwise known as the shit that got Bin Laden caught. Him and his boys was in the mountains, and they was shootin' their guns, bustin' 'em off, came up on some of that sweet kush plant. Smoked it, didn't know where the fuck he was, had a Navy Seal bullet in his head two hours later. All right?

You smoke it, but don't get shot. Light that end right there. Now take the top off. Oh, damn, boy. Damn, boy. Yeah, that's right. It's more of a cerebral high.

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A high school whiz kid and pot-hazed senior team up to graduate with distinction -- and a case of the munchies. Watch Mac & Devin Go to High School German, English - Audio Description, French, English - Audio Description, Italian, German, Spanish Based on the German hit film and inspired by real events. A comedy that follows two high school students -- one overachiever struggling to write his valedictorian speech, the other a senior now going on his 15th year of.

It's less sedating, but a good recommendation if you want to feel medicated throughout the day. Smoke all motherfuckin' day.

It's safe. Four, three, two, one. Shoot it. Then you put 'em both together and you make purple kush. Purple kush, together. Yeah, there you go.

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As you can see, the Cannabis Indica is characterized by short, blocky leaves. Kinda like a Mike Tyson build. Whereas the Cannabis Sativa is more long and narrow like Tommy Hearns. Yeah, man. We must take one big pull from the check Now I use boxing analogies One more time. In Volume Two of the Kushopedia, we will be discussing how to properly cultivate your green room by supplying your plants with all of the right nutrients. Mm, mm, mm. Get high, motherfucker.