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Issues with CS6 and MacOS Sierra

I NEED photoshop! After doing some online research, I became increasingly aware that CS5 is not compatible with Mojave, and that I would need to upgrade to the most recent Photoshop application.

Instant crash on my Mac [Workaround]

The only way to do that is to go to Creative Cloud and download the application. On Mac, I got the. None of the. I was really upset by this point, so I called Adobe and spoke to a representative. While on the phone with her, she said "do any other.

I opened my "Downloads" folder and scrolling through a million downloads I saw AdobeFlashPlayerinstaller. Not only did it pop up and install, suddenly, my Photoshop and Lightroom. Adobe was no help at all really, but just by chance I clicked on that one. That said, if you are having difficulty getting the installer to run on your Mac Mojave desktop, install Adobe Flash Installer and see if that helps you like it helped me. I just opened my CS5 and had the same problem, but once I changed the Accessibility setting it seems to be working.

Thank you Brad! Your suggestion is the only one that worked.

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May I ask why this question is prominently marked as "Not Answered"? This question has indeed been answered and solved, as detailed in bradb's reply and subsequent feedback. Not worked for me on my MacBook pro CS6 runs, but CS5 crash after any manipulation.

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I do the trick, and change to original classic interface. Nothing to do The problem is I need to use this version to my students, because they have a CS5 in class computer. Any other tips to try? Thanks for your help. Adobe Flash Player Install for all versions.

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Although PS does open and appears to be working it will crash as soon as I quit the program. I know the recommended solution is to go into Accessibility and check the box Photoshop CS5. This may work for some users while others it doesn't work.

I even tried to install a newer version of Adobe Flash Player and that didn't resolve the issue. I have completely uninstalled Adobe CS5 suite. I installed a strip down version of CS5 suite only installing Photoshop and no extra stuff.

Unfortunately, that doesn't work either. I think the best solution is to downgrade the macOS or install a newer CS version one that is compatible with Mojave. The other option is to use something similar to Photoshop but is compatible with Mojave. I like the idea of dual boot. When you need to use ancient software, boot the ancient Mac OS. Needs antique Mac of course. My Photoshop cs5 also crashes on exit, but I don't care--it is just a minor annoyance.

This solution makes it possible to use the program, which is all that matters to me. I will often leave PS running for days. InDesign in CS5.

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Similar to Cattiman, I only wish to spread the word in order to help others struggling to update the client, and hold no claim to this amazing discovery. June I still get 18 fps or less. However, AgileBits, the developer of 1Password, was forced to remove the auto-submit feature that would fill in the login information for a site, and enter a carriage return to submit the login credentials to the site. Replies raihan Friday 24 March at mine works with wine-staging-nine 2. Replies dronor Thursday 20 October at I do face exactly the same problem after the new patch. Known issues : - The updater sometimes stalls.

I'm on a Macbook Pro, running Mojave. Program launches but crashes shortly after, and can't create any new projects. I can also post the report from this occurring, but it is very long. I would use a spoiler tag on here to post it right now, but I am not sure how.

I don't see my issue on this list!

Again if an employee wants this log, I can provide the text. This happens with the Live Mac Client as well. I personally have known this issue to have existed since January of Other users on the Mac Client forums have reported it existing for much longer. This number will go upwards of 10, before telling me that there was an error. There is no notification if the logs were successfully sent. Unfortunately, these patches can themselves introduce new errors that can result in your League of Legends launcher not opening.

In this instance, you may wish to force your game to repatch. Here are the steps to follow for Windows…. In fact, you need to install patches in order, as each patch will contain references to features introduced by the previous patch. League of Legends also includes a handy repair tool that can be found right from within the client itself. All you need to do is launch the client, then click on the gear icon to open your Settings.

Then, from within the General tab, press Initiate Full Repair. In addition to the many tips, tricks and fixes proffered above, Riot Games have another solution to throw into the ring in the form of their Hextech Repair Tool. The Hextech Repair Tool is a great point of call for both Windows and Mac users, and has received a generally positive response from the League of Legends player community.

But… just to be safe… have you tried restarting your PC? Now, what are you waiting for? Start playing League of Legends! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Menu - - -. January 31, What are the causes of League of Legends not opening? If yours is one of them, then try following the steps below: Update your firewall and antivirus software. Make sure to hit the Update button to keep things running smoothly! Temporarily disable your firewall.

Try connecting to League of Legends. Re-enable your firewall. Add a program exception manually.


Alternatively, you might need to add LeagueClient. In rare cases, however, your Mac firewall might cause connection issues. Windows Open Control Panel. Select Network and Internet. Click Network and Sharing Center. Click Change Adapter Settings.


Right click on the network adapter in use, and click on Properties. Make sure to note down your current addresses in case you need to revert! Click on the Windows start menu. Restart your PC. Mac Open System Preferences. Select Network. Note down your existing settings in case you need to revert. Then… In the first row, input: 8. Click Apply to finish!

Packet loss and packet buffering These two issues are more likely to affect the quality of your LoL playing experience, rather than resulting in your League of Legends launcher not opening.

More top connection tips While the above fixes should suffice for many connectivity issues, there are still some other solutions to consider that you may wish to try before moving onto issues with your system. Sometimes, you may need to manually forward ports on your router that need to be open in order for you to connect to LoL servers.