Ingram mac 10 airsoft aeg

ASG Ingram MAC 10 Semi / Full Auto AEG

Looking to buy an Airsoft replica, but don't want to drop all your money at once? Perhaps you want to spread your payments over time to keep a backup of money, or perhaps you simply can't afford the hit right now and want to spread it over time?

ASG Ingram M11 Unboxing + Full Auto Shooting *Airsoft*

In any case you can spread your payments to take away the pain of the initial hit of the purchase of a replica, or give yourself the ability to spend that little bit more and get that rifle you've always wanted! Want to know more about Airsoft Interest Free Finance? You can select finance during the payment process which will take you to the Omnicapital portal and allow you to complete a credit check at your leisure.

Once your finance is accepted you will be able to complete your order and wait for the goods to arrive! Wondering how much it's going to cost? Check out the examples below.

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The MAC is an open bolt submachine gun or machine pistol developed in by the US military. The JG MAC is a faithful design for the collectors with compatible parts to the Marui version. JG / Jing Gong (China) / ASP (Hong Kong) is among the world's largest Airsoft OEM. ASG Ingram MAC 10 Semi / Full Auto AEG. - Metal and polymer construction. - Weight: gr. - Length: , to mm (with the silencer installed).

Looking to make the jump from BB guns to Airsoft, but don't want to save up to buy your entire loadout? Your time has come! Airsoft replicas are leaps and bounds ahead of BB guns, but can sometimes carry a heavy price tag. Play now, pay later.

ASG INGRAM MAC10 smg Mag 480bb

Check out our BB Guns Page. These are the ideal boot for those looking for a mid-ground between full ankle support and all-day comfort. Big enough to hold a bottle of BBs or small canister of gas with drainage holes inside to keep your contents dry and dust free. A fleece that can be worn underneath rigs and vests to keep you warm during those cold winter months, or simply as a single layer in warm old England.

Small and compact utility pouch designed to be attached to belts, bags, vests and chest rigs where a MOLLE panel is available.

JG MAC10 Airsoft Submachine Gun

The Pouch is constructed from heavy duty D Cordua. Product code: Add to cart. Alert me when back in stock. The LHS of the body is pretty plain to be fair with mainly the selector switch pointing forward to semi auto firing and back towards the user for fully auto firing.

Bringing LIFE to North West Airsofting

The magazine release is located to the rear of the pistol grip at the bottom which is easily released using just your thumb and pulling the mag out with the opposite hand. Underneath the main body you of course have the stock release button and accessory rail at the front a little button to press to aid in releasing the front muzzle for battery replacement.

Plus an easily removed sticker with the power level of the AEP 0.

The front muzzle section has a clock wise screw on thread for the suppressor, which really adds to the look of the MAC Also incorporated is a loose fitting sling attachment plate which would easily transition from right to left should it be needed. The cocking handle itself can be locked to prevent the hop chamber being opened by twisting anti-clockwise, this cannot be done when the AEP hop chamber is already open and requires holding open whilst being adjusted.

ASG's MAC10 with Suppressor Now I was unable to get a ROF from this but on a calibrated chrono was displaying at approx FPS and getting a great range and could certainly hold its own in a skirmish with a round high cap mag, well enough for spraying the enemy with. Yosser says: This is a very skirmishable AEP. Bring it on, but you might need a spare battery 'cause you'll want to use it that much!

Tokyo Marui Mac 10 AEP - Buy airsoft Electric Guns(AEG/AEP) online from RedWolf Airsoft

To keep Up to date on the latest reviews you can follow the blog via Twitter: Posted on October 24, at 2: Posted on October 24, at 6: What is the range? Build Quality: Overall, the gun is built fairly well as long as you don't mind the all-plastic build. If you were to drop this all-plastic pistol on the ground it would most likely bounce a couple of times no worse for wear since it is lightweight.

If it was an almost all-metal build it would weigh a lot more and dropping it onto a hard surface could easily break the zinc alloy metal parts. There is some metal on the pistol with the sliding stock and some internal parts.

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The rear fold out portion of the stock is actually hardened steel! It is a 1 to 1 scale and is virtually identical to the real MAC In terms of function however, this does not have many working parts other than the trigger, safety, and magazine release.

The selector switch, bolt charging handle, and bolt are all molded into the gun and their only purpose is to look good! The overall weight is rather light too since most of this pistol is ABS or plastic. That was, until I opened it up and found out I was looking at an almost all-plastic gun with few working parts and no blowback operation.

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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? You can return any item for any reason whatsoever, even if you have just changed your mind, within 14 days of receipt of the order. Back to top. Installed a 6. Back to Rifles. Build Quality: Package Includes:

But after holding it and giving this air pistol a good lookover I have to say I am warming up to it a bit more now. Even though it is almost all ABS plastic, this solid airgun is well made. The steel and metal stock are nice additions and for a low cost replica airsoft shooter you do get your money's worth.