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When it comes to word processing, Microsoft Word remains the leader, especially in business environments. Check out these great substitutes you can use at no cost. Read More. Why should you use Pages?

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Read More , formerly known as iWork. Besides Pages, this suite includes spreadsheet app Numbers and the Keynote presentation software. The online versions of iWork mirror most of At its most basic level, Pages is a word processor Write! As such, you can use the software for everyday word processing activities, such as creating a document, writing and editing text, importing elements like charts and pictures, and so on.

Pages also does an excellent job of opening non-Apple document formats, including Microsoft Word documents. Thanks to iCloud, you can open and edit Pages documents on other devices, including iPhone and iPad. When accessing your documents from iCloud. Read More , you can do the same on Windows-based machines too. Pages automatically saves documents as you work. For new files, Pages calls the file something like Untitled 1. Any change made after that will be on the new file, not the original. You can use these templates to create professional-looking documents without starting from scratch.

You can also access three additional templates under the Basic category, including Blank, Blank Landscape, and Note Taking. You can also create your own templates, which appear under My Templates. Hidden row? Hidden column? I don't see any beyond the ones mentioned above. Perhaps Apple has changed the calculations between 3. That's done in the 3.

Grey text is a conditional format setting for cells in the first row and last two date number rows in the calendar. First row: Date is before first of the current month. Last two rows: Date is after the last day of the current month. I don't know if there is a reference site or manual.

Might make for some interesting questions in the Numbers community. But it seems the actual Day labels are straight text and not a result of the formulas.

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I already constructed quite a number of calendars, with all sorts of layouts, where the dates flow naturally and it is easy to follow what has been done without research. Doing it more or less manually with a few simple formulas means you can't just shove in a far distant past or future year and have it adjust, but creating the initial calendar takes minutes instead of days. Calender template in Numbers, start the week with Monday.

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I grabbed the entire Help site earlier in the year, with the intent of making a better more legible pdf manual, but Apple makes life harder and harder, by doing updates and improvements without saying what or where they are. You have to hunt through everything to see if they have or have not updated their Help which has been the case previously.

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You have to change the formula in every single Table for every single month. Not clear thinking IMHO. The Single Month Calendar only shows one month and has to be duplicated to make a full calendar. Since this is a Template why not make life easier and actually have 12 months worth to start with, unless there is a problem with retroactively Styling the Sheets.

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You must be connected to the Internet in order to do this. January Calendar. Click Table. Edit the text and replace the photos. There are various calendar layouts for different templates, with some even having free space on the sides to add notes. Launch iPhoto select the photo you need to improve your calendar.

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