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Split Zip files and how to create them

Unzip a spanned Zip file To unzip a spanned Zip file, first insert the last disc of the spanned series and open the Zip file using WinZip; this will display the list of files and folders and allow you to extract them. Powered by KBPublisher Knowledge base software.

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Using a Mac Computer

However, I cannot unzip the content, I'm running unzip unix archive. Furthermore, I need to extract them in Windows environment as well, and there I only have Windows 7 extractor I guess. RobZolkos I've already tried and I added to the question the error I get.

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I just tested it on a folder and it worked fine. Both zipping and unzipping.

Make sure to unzip in a different folder than the original source. On Windows it doesn't unzip. However a freeware unzip program 7Zip 7-zip.

Using a Windows Computer

RobZolkos I get "unsupported compression method" error, do you think the issue is with at extraction step or compression step? Bil Bil 4 8.

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How To Create A Split Zipped Archive From Mac OS X Terminal

Use this alternative if you want to make multiple copies of your set of discs Use this alternative when you want to make the disc contents as a separate step from making the discs themselves To assist with large downloads: Some people may have difficulty downloading very large Zip files from web sites, FTP sites, etc. You can use the split Zip feature to break large files into smaller pieces that can be downloaded separately.

Overcome email size limits: Some email systems limit the size of attachments; if you want to email a large Zip file that exceeds your limit, you can split it into smaller parts and email them separately. The WinZip default option for overcoming email size limits is to use one of the numerous supported Cloud services. Configuring the segment size Before you start, you should open WinZip to the Settings tab to configure your Split size.

To specify your own size: A Pro registration is required to use WinZip backup features. To create a split Zip file, you would need to: The name must be different from the name of the open Zip file.