Autopano video pro 1.1 mac os x

In any case, even if you don't select any options, the importing and stitching processes will happen. Import means SD card content will be copied locally and reorganized by the title name you have edited in the content title. Stitching is when a stitch is created for this content. That stitch is based on a pre-calibrated stitch so it cannot fail even in case of full black videos. At the end of the stitch, you'll have a. Compute steps If you have selected some computation to be done while importing, after the stitch, these computation will be done on the.

On the selected range, we can compute stabilization track, the color correction tracks or even do a rendering of the quality you have selected. This is really a good workflow to do so, as at the end of the import process, you have a. The idea of Omni importer was really to ease the work at capture time.

Just remove the SD cards from omni, put a new set of SD cards in it to continue capturing. While continuing the shot, an other member of the team can review on stage what has been captured. If needed a stitch can be done in a few clicks too. But at any time, as you have access to the project file, you can be also really accurate thanks to Autopano Video features.

The Omni importer can be used in a fast workflow or a powerful workflow. While working on the Omni importer, we also added several cool new features on Autopano Video. This is also new for this 2. Customers were really interested in having more tools to improve the workflow after stitching was finished. This version introduces 2 Adobe Premiere Plugins: A video viewer plugin for Premiere Pro is available when downloading KolorEyes desktop and lets you see direct result of your video editing in Premiere Pro. Roadmap This is the first alpha of this new engine.

We expect to have a lot of feedback and bug reports. It is important for users to post report in the right forum. This is the direct link for AVP bug report forum:. We hope this version is the last one before the final release.

Version history

We mainly fixed GPU issues and input framerate reading. This version version mainly fixes some issues arround new video feature merging files and cineform support. Some GPU issues have been reported but not reproduce yet. We added an option to name the output frames with the frame number from the timeline. So exported sequences will not always start by 0.

This release introduces a new cycle in the Autopano Video engine. This is the first beta of 2. The high level goals for this version were performance and workflow efficiency. If you use GoPro 4 Black cameras, the native resolution can go up to 8K in the spherical space. Nevertheless, current workflows are complicated if you go over 4K which is the maximum size allowed by h We had to introduce another codec so that this size would be manageable.

3.0.0 - 2017-11-18

Linux 64 bits deb: Autopano Video Pro for Linux 64 bits deb (MB); Linux 64 bits . Autopano Video requires at least Windows 7 or Mac OS X [UI behavior] Fisheye aspect ratio in preview. Autopano Video for Linux 64 bits (MB); Mac OS X: Autopano We added some very cool new features on Autopano Video. Importer with Autopano Video Pro in order to solve many pain points you had by It is a huge improvement over Autopano Video software range with the.

The solution was easy to find: That codec is a really good solution for over 4K workflows, as it is really fast, compresses quite well and optimized for editing. Producing Cineform videos from within AVP will make them easily editable inside Adobe products like Premiere, as Adobe products already support Cineform. You can keep the master file at maximum resolution through the full editing workflow using that new codec in AVP. You can find the Cineform codec in the render dialog box.

The Best Encoding Settings For Your 4k 360 3D VR Videos + FREE Encoding Tool

You have the following encoding options:. A real batch rendering system was missing in the previous versions of the software. We've worked on that and now you have a real batch rendering dialog that allows you to manage rendering jobs. The details:. The speed of the software is something that is important so you spend less time during rendering.

We did a big study on how we use the GPU in the software by adding some internal benchmarking timeline into the software directly. This huge study did allow us to measure timing in 3 main areas which are, the decoder, the rendering and the encoder pipeline. But that really depends on the hardware tested.

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  3. 2.6.1 - 2017-03-29.

For people that want to optimize their hardware, we added an output log after each rendering in the batch rendering dialog box. It is really interesting to look at the values there. Here's an example. Please use the forum for that. The preview window is one of these zones that you always look at.

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It has to be fast so that you can work fast. To be able to get that at maximum speed, we are introducing in this version a cache system that computes this preview in the background. It gets that window refreshing rate at realtime. To be able to understand how it works, we added a small green line in the timeline that highlights the part that is cached into the memory.

3.0.0 Release Candidate 3 - 2017-08-22

Register Login. It is by far the most advanced video stitching engine we've built, with a lot of new and unique features. It is a huge improvement over Autopano Video 1. You don't need to buy a new license, you just have to download the version of the software appropriate for your new system and install it. There is something up with our auto-email system.. Alex says:

Scrubbing inside that green zone by moving the cursor forwards and backwards is realtime. Working with a lot of cameras is challenging, especially for managing so many videos. We refreshed the GoPro importer to improve the workflow when importing videos from the camera. We worked on several aspects in this wizard. In several areas, we have improved the workflow efficiency by bringing new options.

Let me highlight some of the small features for faster workflow. This is the first beta of this new engine. Some UI adjustments: Autopano Video Pro for Linux 64 bits deb Autopano Video Pro for Linux 64 bits tar. Autopano Video Pro for Windows 32 bits Autopano Video Pro for Windows 64 bits According to input and output framerates, video sources were not well seek wrong frame speed, wrong sound synchronization. We're quickly releasing an update of the lastest beta version for fixing an issue for saving new color correction parameters.

This is the first public beta of the new Autopano Video engine v2. It contains a lot of new features. When working with a video editing tool, it is really important to be able to adapt the software to your workspace. We wanted to address this demand by adding some nice UI features. The software can be divided in several windows which contain a task: You can completely revamp the organization to match what you want.

And if you close the software and reopen it, it will keep the layout you have chosen. These new options in the UI are intended to make the workflow more user friendly. With the new color correction engine created in Autopano Giga, we were able to have color correction applied along the time. This is really nice and works really well. Moreover, as you have the new exposure slider, you can adjust that through time too. It applies on a state and is interpolated to next state. I'm sure, you were all waiting for that feature to happen.

The Best Encoding Settings For Your 4k 3D VR Videos

An integrated editor for the most time consuming part, the horizon and projection adjustments. So you don't need to switch to Autopano Giga anymore to be able to create a director's cut video or correct the horizon.

2.6.2 - 2017-05-23

Nevertheless, you will still need Autopano Giga for more advanced adjustments, for editing control points for example. We think that Autopano Video 2. So besides bugs that will be reported, there is little work left, like translation and small UI adaptation. This version is a release candidate RC which means that the product is stable enough for production work, but also means that if no big crash is found, it will be the final version.

As we are now in release candidate stage, the registration keys that should be used for this version are keys of version 2. Be sure to go to your user account to get them.

3.0.0 Release Candidate 4 - 2017-11-09

The camera presets let you configure the stitching optimizer with advanced options. The presets let you define the lens type fisheye or standard , initial focal and distorsion values, enable or disable their estimation, and choose their scopes. The full documentation about this feature will be here Warning: Work in progress: Stitching and presets In practice, what does it allow?

We fix most recurrent issues for allowing most of users to use the beta and help us to continue the stabilization stage. We did a mistake with the compilation of the first beta 1.

That means that only recents cpu could use the software. We fixed that quickly so that everyone can enjoy the software. It is by far the most advanced video stitching engine we've built, with a lot of new and unique features.