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Disk Speed Test (Read/Write): HDD, SSD Performance in Linux

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Between the two dials is a Start button , pressing this button will start the speed test. Just above the Start button is a button for changing the settings, including selecting the Mac volume you wish to test, and the size of the test file that will be used. Just below the two main speedometers are the Will It Work?

Measure Your System’s Performance

The Will It Work? Each format in the panel has multiple options for color bit depths, and individual read or write checkboxes. As a test is being run, the panel will fill with green checkmarks for each format, depth, and read or write speed that the volume under test can support for video capture and playback.

The How Fast? Before you're tempted to click the Start button, click the Settings button , located just above the Start button. When you do, you'll find options for selecting the target drive for the speed test, an option to take and save a screenshot of the test results, the ability to select the size of the test file, and access to a help file, should you need it.

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Using the Select Target Drive item will bring up a standard Finder file dialog box, allowing you to locate the drive you wish to test. Disk Speed Test is run with the same user privileges as the login account you're using, and the app doesn't have the ability to ask to raise permission levels by asking you for your password. You should then be able to run the speed tests without issues. Blackmagic refers to the test size as the stress size.

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The size you choose is important and ideally, it needs to be larger than any cache a hard drive may include in its design. The idea is to make sure the Disk Speed Test is actually testing the write, read speed to the platters of a mechanical drive or the flash memory modules of an SSD, and not the faster memory cache used in the drive's controller.

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In addition, be sure to let the test run through more than one write, read cycle. If you're testing an SSD, you can use the smallest test size, since you aren't as worried about an onboard cache.

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Finally, if you're testing a Fusion drive , remember that a Fusion drive is usually not the best candidate for being the storage target for video recording or playback since it's difficult to predict where the video files will be stored, on the fast SSD or the slow hard drive. Nevertheless, if you would like to measure the performance of your Fusion drive, use the larger 5 GB stress file size, and watch the speedometers closely.

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It runs three IOPS tests giving best results. Now, the question arises how can we check the speed of the hard drive. Mini-Config Software. By submitting a comment this form also collects your name, email and IP address so that we can prevent spam. Log in Don't have an account? This post is really useful for me I really had no idea how to measure memory card speed but after reading this post I really got the idea how to measure it. LC Multi-Mode 3G.

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