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What are proofing tools? Word Processing in Different Languages Proofing Tools in Microsoft Office Microsoft Office offers a spell-checker, dictionary and thesaurus, grammar-checker, and hyphenation rules in various languages. Using the Proofing Tools The proofing tools for other languages are used the same way you use them in English. Then, you have two options for setting the language of the text in each document you create: Option 1: Word can automatically detect the language of your text Option 2: Manually mark your text as the appropriate language See the boxes below for step-by-step instructions on using these tools on Windows and Mac.

Windows: Microsoft Office Proofing Tools in Microsoft Office for Windows Microsoft Office for Windows offers proofing tools in a greater number of languages 37 ; however, not all of the languages are included when you purchase Office. Check which language packs are installed on your computer Windows Open a Microsoft Office program, such as Word. Click the File tab.

How to Add and Remove Words from your Mac’s built-in Dictionary

Under Help , click Options. Click Language. Using the Proofing Tools Windows The proofing tools in Office are used the same regardless of language. For the spell-checker to work in another language besides English, you just need to make sure that your text is marked as that language: Option 1: Set Word to automatically detect the language of your text On the Review tab, in the Language group, click on the Language button and choose Set Proofing Language. In the Language dialog box, select the "Detect language automatically" check box.

Option 2: Manually mark your text as the appropriate language Highlight your text. Select the appropriate language from the list and click OK. Does Word suddenly change the language of your keyboard? There is an option in Word that can cause this problem. Try turning it off: Click the File tab. Under Help , click Options , then Advanced.

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Under Editing options, de-select the "Automatically switch keyboard to match language of surrounding text check box". Windows - Proofing Tools Available for Microsoft Office This chart lists all of the languages, and which proofing tools are available for each, in Microsoft Office for Windows. New documents will behave, although you will need to fix old documents one-by-one. Word will automatically add that language tag to your Normal style, which is the default style for text in a new blank document.

Word 2016: Check Spelling and Grammar

Be sure the "do not check spelling or grammar" box is NOT checked. Word will ask you to confirm that you want to change the setting for new documents—answer yes. If on quitting Word, you get a "save changes to Normal" question, answer yes. Be sure to Select All the text first! Now it should work.

Let it stay that way. Just click the "do not check spelling and grammar" box until it is completely clear, and that will remove the "do not check spelling and grammar" formatting regardless of which languages are applied to the text, and will not change your language formatting.

You might also click the Check Document button while there, then recheck the spelling. If you continue to have problems, you may need to check the system settings. Look on your Menu Bar for the flag for the language you want to use e. If either of these is wrong, Word may be asking for dictionaries that may not exist. This should not be necessary to switch languages on a regular basis, but may be a one-time only aid.

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A few individuals run into problems when they want the default language for Office documents to be different from the default language settings in the OS. Unchecking this has helped in related cases. It's rare that this is the problem for English speakers, but make sure the proofing tools are actually installed. Look here:. This will affect all documents created from then on. You'll need to fix old documents one-by one.

You are highly advised to read How Spell-Checking Works in Word , as the notion of a "default language" doesn't exactly apply to Word. The spelling check is Complete. Text set to no proofing was skipped.

Word spellchecks according to the language formatting that has been applied to the text. If you receive the above message, it means that some of the text is formatted without a language, or as No Proofing. Word is giving you instructions on how to find that text, so that you can reformat it.

Now, in recent versions, this message is actually incorrect. Versions of Word prior to Word had no proofing listed as equivalent to a language, so that it was possible to have text with no language formatting at all. So in Word , when it says search for no proofing text, really you need to search for text with that "do not check spelling and grammar" box checked. However, you can ignore this message entirely.

Just jump to the Fixes section for the regular remedies. Making changes there will not help solve a spellchecking problem.

“Repair” a Document

Language is a text property, like bold, or italic. It is not a program-level setting, so you cannot set a preference to tell Word to use UK English, or set an active dictionary to UK English.

Right-click the misspelled word and mouse over "Spelling and Grammar" in the pop-up menu. Select "Show Spelling and Grammar" from the sub-options to open the Spelling window. Amy Scott started writing professionally in She began writing human-interest articles while working at local news website SanFelipe. Skip to main content. Type your text into the text field or word processing program.